Mar 28, 2023·edited Mar 28, 2023

I think it is a very bad course. It is overestimated and overvalued. There are inconsistencies between proposed solution in videos and actual content (malware). It is practical, but practice comes first before theory; bad english from one of the instructors. I would not suggest anyone purchasing such course. Disappointing. At least they could provide the malware samples and give life access to training material at this cost.

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I do think not providing the samples to students who take the course was a negative on their part (Almost any malware analysis courses I can think of, provide samples to students to further work on them outside of the course).

otherwise I can see how its a great course and has a lot of good content.

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But you can download the samples from VT or other locations. Agreed that you definitely are not done with the samples.

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